About Kathmandu Curry & Bar

Food is a culture. Food not only tells about the culture but also the civilization. Foods from Himalayas bring some elements of uniqueness as a way to cope with cold and dry environmental conditions. The local spices are integral part of the recipes. Kathmandu Curry brings the traditional as well as improvised Himalayan foods to the people of Greater Houston, Texas, as a way of serving new, authentic, and unique experiences. All of the foods are prepared from scratch. Renowned Chefs turn the recipes and Himalayan spices of Nepal and parts of northern India into something for all five senses. Here, you will find healthy, natural, colorful and delicious curries and kababs. Momo, one of the famous foods from Nepal, is a must try in Kathmandu Curry.

Our Story

We are small group of enthusiasts / entrepreneurs who believe in hardwork as well as conservation of cultural practices and celebration of diversity. Introducing the Himalayan taste to Houstonians is an idea that was conceived in a small bar in Southwest Houston that is very popular for diversity of its clientele. Chef Ram has been serving the Houston food market for more than a decade and other promoters of Kathmandu Curry have been serving the Greater Houston community through various platforms. Here at Kathmandu Curry, we strive to provide similar experiences of foods that you would experience in Kathmandu –capital of Republic of Nepal. Unique spices of Nepal and Himalayas, unique cooking styles, unique serving styles are the key elements of Kathmandu Curry. We hope you will enjoy the healthy, mouth watering foods from 13,000 miles away in the heart of Houston.